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"Destiny DNA" (Paperback)

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God has designed a specific calling on each of our lives. Our destiny has been predetermined by God and written into our DNA. Learn how you can step into the divine purpose God has for your life!


"I am enjoying my daily meditation with Destiny DNA. However, yesterday was exceptionally good. I read day 15 and it really hit home for me. It is true that most people can’t handle your calling. I used to share what God was doing in my life, but would be met with lots of “I’ll have to see it first” this gave me a feeling that I was trying to be more than I should try. I had to come to the conclusion that, it’s not me who is over achieving it is others that are underachieving. I had to change my circle, thereby changing my results in life." -Pamela M.

"This book is really blessing my soul. So glad I purchased it." -Tasha N.

"I'm learning that my perspective is not always the best perspective and reprograming is good and refreshing. I write poetry and I see some new ideas to talk about and in doing so I teach what I've learned. Growth in my mind and a connection to heart make a sound foundation. I feel like I can't go wrong when they both agree. This part of my journey is pleasing and painful and refreshing." - Glenda B.

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